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Heriot-Watt University: Oil-hungry bacteria could clean up the next big oil spill

Scientists at Heriot-Watt University have cracked the genetic code of the marine bacteria that helped ‘eat’ the oil spilled from the Deepwater Horizon disaster, information that could aid clean-up efforts for the next major spill.

Dr Tony Gutierrez was in the US at the time of the disaster and was able to perform experiments with samples from oil-contaminated waters of the Gulf of Mexico shortly after the Deepwater Horizon spill occurred – samples that contained key species of bacteria that fed on the oil.

Experiments with the samples revealed that certain bacteria had thrived on the oil that gushed into the Gulf, by devouring the oil as a preferred food source. Continue reading

Oil and Gas UK: New oil spill response guides launched

Offshore oil and gas operators now have access to four new response implementation guides (RIGs) to assist any required responses to oil spills in the North Sea.

A UK industry group launched in the wake of 2010’s Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, proposed the development of a toolkit containing information on the different methods for countering spillages on the UK Continental Shelf.

The new RIGs will provide guidance on the aerial monitoring of a spill, shoreline response, decanting of oil, and waste management.

The full description of the guides can be found at the Oil and Gas UK web site Oil and Gas UK oil spill response guides.

SOTEAG: Shetland’s pristine coast to benefit from oil spill sensitivity maps

The seas of Shetland are critical to the economy of the island and are exploited both for fossil fuel production and processing and for aquaculture and fisheries.  Great effort is made to ensure these very different economies can work in tandem and part of this work is to ensure the ecological health of Shetland waters. While every effort is made to avoid problems it is still important to be prepared should an incident happen.

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CLE: innovative IT platform for managing antipollution operations in the port of Taranto

The innovative IT platform for managing antipollution operations in the port of Taranto presented at Interspill in Amsterdam: the interest of world players in the oil spill sector

Bari, 2 April March, 2015. At the Interspill fair of Amsterdam (24 – 26 March) ‘MLV® was presented to oil spill specialized operator. This is the innovative IT platform which is operative in the port of Taranto (Italy’s second largest port by area), and realized by the Italian company CLE Srl.

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