Wildlife Response Co-ordinating Committee (WRCC)

For many years SOTEAG’s Wildlife Response Coordinating Committee (WRCC) was a model of excellence for oiled wildlife response strategy and leadership.  SOTEAG and WRCC were major contributors to the publication A Guide to Oiled Wildlife Response Planning, prepared by the EU Sea Alarm Foundation and published in 2004 by the International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association (IPIECA Report Series Volume 13) in Balbriggan, Ireland.

In modern times, however, oiled wildlife response practices and standards have developed significantly. There is now a detailed government-led national contingency plan with extensive provisions in place for oils spills, including oiled wildlife response, and within the oil industry oiled wildlife response is now a bespoke professional enterprise.

In the event of a major oil spill, Shetland would follow the national contingency plan and provisions. To support this modern change, following review, WRCC has been rescinded and SOTEAG now hosts and is developing a new network of communication, cooperation and local resources for oiled wildlife preparedness and response support in Shetland.